Dear Friends,

Unfortunately, due to circumstances outwith my control I have decided to no longer manufacture and sell my invention ‘The SpidaTrap’. This has not been an easy decision as I know it has brought great relief to tens of thousands of Arachnophobes over the years.

I will keep this website up for a little while with some contact details in case anybody wishes to get in touch to discuss their Arachnophobia etc.

Thank you all again for your support over the years for what was originally just a small personal project by a guy trying to ease his own fear of spiders.

Yours Sincerely,


Robin Watson, Managing Director

SpidaTrap.Com Ltd

Contact –

News update

I am currently working on a SpidaTrap eBay account which hopefully will be ready to go live around the beginning of August. There is a possibility I may have to find an alternative auction site because eBay have put a restriction on new business accounts, so I am limited to the quantity of traps I can sell.

I am aiming to put all my SpidaTraps on eBay for the starting price of £1.00.

I will update this message a few days before I go live on eBay.