How do I get the best results from SpidaTrap?

    SpidaTrap works best when laid end to end spanning across a room wall to wall or fully across a doorway. Spiders aren’t choosy where they walk and will travel a room differently every time. By creating a solid barrier of SpidaTraps (with no gaps) ensures that anything attempting to cross will be caught. Full instructions are on the back of the SpidaTrap box.

    What happens to the spiders when they are caught?

    They become totally immobilised. The SpidaTrap was designed to immobilise any extremely fast and unpredictable spiders without the arachnophobe having to participate or even be present. If you want to release a caught spider then applying cooking oil directly onto the glue around its feet will slowly break the bond. However the oil will destroy the glue and the traps will have to be binned.

    How long does a trap last?

    If the SpidaTraps are only put out at night, stored during the day and don’t have much traffic stepping over them then they can last for months. If the traps are down 24/7 and have frequent traffic passing over them causing large quantities of dust to build up then they may only last 4-6 weeks. If the traps are exposed to direct sunlight then the glue turns yellow and cures making it hard, non sticky and useless within hours.

    If SpidaTrap has been designed for the big ground dwelling spiders what about the spiders I have on my ceilings or walls?

    SpidaTrap can only catch spiders on the ground that attempt to cross it. However, as most spiders entering your house do so from the ground (unless you leave a window open) they will be caught on their way to the walls providing the traps have been positioned properly.

    Where do spiders enter my house?

    The main entry points are usually through ventilated bricks (these look like normal bricks but with holes in them that surround the bottom of your house) into the foundations and then up through behind kitchen units or through air vents. They can also enter through vents in attics but again if you place SpidaTraps strategically you’ll catch them.

    Is the glue used on SpidaTraps dangerous?

    There are no harmful ingredients in the glue and although it is very sticky it is not poisonous at all. The trap is made of recycled cardboard making the SpidaTrap totally green.

    Where can I buy SpidaTrap?

    We currently sell via Amazon UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and USA.