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SpidaTrap can be purchased in a box of 10 (total length = 4.5m). Simply add more traps together to achieve a greater length.

Customer Reviews

“I’ve been plagued by spiders upstairs in our house for years. I couldn’t understand why there were far more upstairs compared to down. Then I bought your traps and now I know – they’re coming down from the loft through the hatch which has a gap all around it. Now with the traps laid I’ve so far caught seven spiders including three big ones and can now go to bed each night with a lot less anxiety. Many thanks. ” – Russell Turner 


“We are majorly impressed with the traps, we caught 8 big spiders in the space of three days! Shudder! So a huge thank you from the household.” – Lesley Davis


“Well, I am having such success with your traps, that I need to order some more.  Almost every morning there is the odd combination of being thrilled that I have caught yet another big one, with bewilderment and fear as to how they were in the house in the first place.” – Annabelle from Somerset


“I just wanted to email you to thank you for creating such a great product!
Our whole house is petrified of spiders, so we invested in 30 traps and spread them around the house. The result has been amazing!!… In the first night we got two freakishly big house spiders, I have now realised that I cannot live without Spidatraps”  – Carley from Kent


SpidaTrap supplied free traps to troops serving in the Middle East through the ‘Support Our Soldiers’ organisation. This has helped to protect them against the infamous Camel Spider. Here’s what they has to say: ”Hi there, I am co-founder of ‘Support our Soldiers’ and just want to thank you for your fantastic contribution to our SOSBAC appeal via the Kilmarnock Standard Office. What a fantastic idea and they will be welcomed in both Iraq and Afghanistan….not least by my son who is in Iraq at the moment and who has suffered a bite today from a ground dweller of some sort!!” – Agnes Hunter


“These are brilliant! I’ve been using them for a few years, across every door threshold, under chairs/settee, TV, beds etc. Every escape route is covered and they catch everything. It’s amazing how many they catch when they first get put down.” – Thera Gal


“Putting in yet another order 7th may. Not only effective for spiders, but flies, silverfish and carpet beetle.” – ATOM