Arachnophobia is a psychological issue which SpidaTrap will not cure, however, it will remove the creature that causes the panic attacks. By reducing these unexpected encounters and with the knowledge that you are guarded from any new attacks you will spend more time in a relaxed state.

This crippling phobia happens in 2 waves. The first wave is that horrible lurch you get in your stomach when you first notice a spider, the second wave is that you have to deal with it fast. SpidaTrap removes the second wave.

Over the years research shows that although this is the biggest phobia in the UK nearly all sufferers choose not to acknowledge in any detail the creature that triggers their fear. This is as much a problem as the phobia itself. By acknowledging the fear of spiders arachnophobics actually have to think about spiders in detail. Arachnophobes that have chosen to acknowledge their fear and that are currently using our product keep coming back to us, thanking us and telling us how it’s changed their lives.

25% to 35% of North Americans have arachnophobia, the irrational fear of spiders.

In a study conducted in the UK, it was found that 32% of females and 18% of males stated that spiders made them feel either anxious and nervous or very frightened. That roughly translates to 65 million and 75 million Americans and more than 15 million British.


There are 15000 known spider bites every year in the USA alone.

Some spiders have up to 3000 young every summer with 1000 reaching adulthood.