SpidaTrap was created by Scottish inventor Robin Watson. It came about to combat Robins arachnophobia. Like all arachnophobes, he tried every anti-spider device on the market with zero success. That included sprays, ultrasonic gizmos and catching mechanisms. He found that many of the products on the market at the time had their drawbacks. Firstly being, you had to take your eye off the spider whilst sprinting to get a device and after eventually locating it again, more often than not the spider would have wandered off! Secondly and more importantly, arachnophobes are expected to actively pursue the spider. So with these drawbacks in mind Mr Watson went on to develop something far superior and SpidaTrap was born.

During development Mr Watson had concluded that it was the surprise element that caused 90% of his discomfort and realised he couldn’t permanently fix his arachnophobia. However, if he could stop spiders from entering his immediate domain or at least stop them running so fast then a large part of the fear would be eliminated.

This trap system has completely changed Mr Watson’s life and he wanted to share it with the rest of the world. Mr Watson no longer fears leaving his bare feet exposed or lying down on the floor to watch TV or read. After several weeks only the occasional spider was being caught thus proving the traps were eliminating all the spiders that had been inhabiting his space.

SpidaTrap is now being sold across to globe to individuals, food establishments, hotels, pest control companies and the armed forces.